Live and Learn – Homestay

For all those who’d like to have a more intense experience: Learn to speak a language over a week(end) (or longer!) while you live and learn with a German family!

Just “normal” lessons aren’t enough, or you are living too far away to regularly attend? Well, you can always choose to stay for a longer time. Starting from a weekend in Berlin up to a week or longer everything is possible. There’ll be lessons, all right, and as usual they’ll be tailor-made to your needs and wishes, but there’ll also be enough time to experience Berlin with all it’s sights and cultural opportunities. And at the same time, you’ll take part in the genuine life of a German family. My family, that is. 

You can of course come yourself to live and learn with me… but it is also possible for you to send your children. For those older than 14, we provide a safe and cosy living environment, where we take care of your child’s needs both educational and otherwise. While sharing the life of my family, your child takes part in a structured and disciplined curriculum especially designed to his or her needs. 

No matter if it is you or if it is your child, the mornings are time for lessons in your chosen language(s). The afternoon and evening is usually free for self-study, and to explore the city of Berlin and the surroundings of our house. For those loving the outdoors, there are spacious forests literally in front of the house, and a beach can be reached by a short walk. 

Obviously, such a visit isn’t something you plan in a day. Every stay is fine-tuned to your wishes and needs. So, if you’re interested, contact me as soon as possible, so everything can be planned and organised just how you would want it to be.