The grades could be better? Those exams and exercises are just too hard? And all those language-related terms are too complicated? Tuition helps those who need a little extra help.

Not all students find learning a new language easy. Not all students can use their language as good as it would be possible. And one thing is certain: in classes of quite often more than 30 students, individual support and assistance are often not possible.

As a private tutor, I offer intensive, tailor-made tuition for English and German for native and non-native speakers. To facilitate this, I focus on a well-structured and disciplined approach in teaching the necessary subject matter while at the same time trying to bring back the enjoyment of learning itself. Very often, it’s just a small nudge in the right direction that gets a student back on track, but I am also experienced in dealing with those who need a little more than that. In any way, fluent and confident use of language is vital for most careers these days.

I offer private tuition for students of all ages and from all kinds of school. University students and those in professional training or apprenticeships are also welcome. Tuition takes place in my schoolroom in Berlin-Spandau, or at the student’s home. Small-group tuition is possible for students of the same age and school. 

One little piece of advice: It’s often best to start with private tuition before the grades drop to an intolerable level. The earlier tuition starts, the easier it is to improve performance and keep grades where they should be.


Interested? Feel free to get in touch with me. We’ll find a solution that really works. You can also have a look here for the urrently free timeslots.